Guideline ⁑ Hero

For those who's new in this game might ask: How to know that a game is good and fast? Don't worry, follow this guideline to familiarize this game easily^^

This time let's talk about the Hero. There are "3 types" of Hero, which are Magic Attack, Defense, and Support Heroes. Normally player will have lesser choice in the beginning, but can unlock more Heroes after reaching Level 30.

For Recruit section, it is divided into 2 types, which are Treasure Hunt by costing Diamond and FREE Recruit. Choosing 10 Draw during Treasure Hunt can directly get low level Epic Hero. For the free Recruit, it doesn't cost Diamond but will require Reputation and Gold. Reputation can be gained from Arena whereas Gold can be gained from Golden Touch or Treasure Hunter. Free recruit will get you Common Heroes.


No matter Common or Epic Hero, it requires a large amount of EXP for Level-up to activate different Hero Skills. There are different types of EXP for Level-up, such as Cheese, Hamburger, Cake, and so on, which can be gained from different level of Trial Instance.

When your hero Level-up until certain Level, system will hint you to Stage-up to continue. Materials required can get from Elite Instance.


For Formation, players can arrange the Hero Formation according to personal preference. 


Even the level is going up, the low Star Hero can be used for Assist and to increase CP. If there is an extra unused Hero, players can choose to dissolve to get parts and EXP items.