Intro ⁑Pet System Tutorial

Pet Tutorial

SOK’s pet system released not long ago. What do you think about it and how deep you understand? I personally had play around it these few days. I find it very useful and does provide huge amount of attributes to player especially the newbie like me. If you are beginner, I strongly suggest you to collect few pets and upgrade your favourite one.


Let’s go back to our main subject. What pet does SOK provided and which is your favourite? Here are some pets that I collected so far and I will vote for Beauty Phoenix. Does it cool? Hehe….


Pet Level-Up

Pet does contribute team attribute bonus to all your heroes in the formation. If you find your pet is not strong enough, you may level it up to generate more attributes. How to level up the pet? You can feed it with some material.

Main material:  Normal pet cookie, Exquisite pet cookie

Other material: 1/2/3/4-star Legendary Signet, pet skill, Magic Stone, Rune, Equipment Part, Mount Feed Elixir, Mount Stage-Up Elixir and so on…..


Pet Fuse

One day you might be the lucky one and get a rare class pet card. This time you will asking how to transfer the level and skill from one pet to another. Do not worry about that because pets can be fused.

Pet Fusing Regulation:

(1) The new pet will have the same image with the main pet.

(2) The new pet’s aptitude will follow the highest one among main pet and sub pet.

(3) New pet inherits the higher attributes among both pets.

(4) Skill level will be transferred to the new pet.

Pet Skill


Pet skill able to boost the team attributes as well. It can be obtained from Treasure Chest and Pet Island. However, to upgrade each skill, there are pet level and aptitude requirement.

Pet Image


This feature is great. Each new pet you get able to unlock respective pet image. It might surprising you because it does provide image attributes too. If you collected more pets, you will gain more image attributes in total. I have an interesting question for you. What if my last pet is fused or dissolved, will it still contribute to image attribute? The answer is yes, it will still contribute to image attribute as long as you have it before. 


Do you find the image above very familiar?  It is the place we may get pet cookie, pet card, and pet skill – Pet Island. Everybody will have 20 free rolling chances per day, do not waste it because you might get a rare pet anytime.


Let’s start your journey with your dream pet @[email protected]