《SOK&SP》Game Merge Announcement: 2in1, Endless Fun!


Dear Storm’s players,

In order to give players a better game experience and active game atmosphere, and let players interacting among each other in a larger community, hence experience more challenges, we have decided to merge both games to satisfy your needs. The merging maintenance will start on 13 April 2017 16:00 UTC+8.


We will combine with the Storm of Knight without distinguished time zone from that point onward. All the events will be in accordance with Storm of Knight’s time zone (UTC+8). What we have to be aware of is all the Storm Persuader’s server (A.PACIFIC S1-S8/ EUROPE S1-S8/N.AMERICA S1-S8) will be merged into S45-Persuader after the game merge, and will follow the server merge rules, to know more about the rules details, please refer to this link:


All players are required to log-out 10 minutes before Game Merge in order to avoid unnecessary losses. Please wait patiently. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences caused. Your supports are much appreciated!

After Game Merge, We will prepare awesome server merge events for all! Please take note that you need to log-in to S45-Persuader to continue your adventure, and will continue your adventure with the players from Storm of Knight!


The game merge maintenance also includes the following updates and fixes:

1. Unlock 6 Star advance. Forest Goddess can now advanced to 6 star

2. Fixes the issue of bag irregularity

3. Certain items can now stack up to 999

4. Fixes issue of certain Divine Beast Card unable to be upgraded

5. Optimization of rune drop rate in normal instance

6. Optimization of Magic Stone drop rate in elite instance

 SOK Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyousok

 SP Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyousp

By SOK Official Team