Intro ⁑ Brave Tower System


Brave Tower is an instance that clears floor by floor. The higher the floor is, the more reward you’ll get! When you enter the Brave Tower, you will face the monsters wave by wave. To show how strong you are, just take the challenge and compete with your friends!


Entry Requirements: 


1. The Brave Tower will be activated when character reaches Lv. 30.

2. There is entry limits for Brave Tower per day, and the entry chances will be reset the next day.

3. There are different levels to challenge in Brave Tower, as long as the character reaches the level requirement, will activate the new level of challenge.


Gameplay Introduction:

1. Enter the Floor 1 of Brave Tower when start, clear the entire monster to enter the next floor.

2. During the challenge, your main character and the partners will be unable to recover HP, change equipment or change Hero in Formation.

3. If you fail the challenge, you will exit the Brave Tower directly.

4. The final reward is according to the floor being challenged and the rounds cleared.


Gameplay Strategy:

1. Choose the challenge that match with main character’s level. For example, main character Lv47, then choose the Lv40~49 to challenge.

2. Match the partner according to Attack, Defense, and Assist, which will help you breakthrough the higher floors.

3. Will meet Boss Floor during challenge, and if you can kill the Boss within the prescribed rounds, it’ll allow you to jump to other floors.

4. The team condition is too bad? Lost member before the challenge? Try to use revive reasonably.