Intro ⁑ Black Market System

Distressed with not enough materials? Visit the Black Market; you can get anything you want here!


✥ The Goblin Merchant will always be at Black Market, selling various rare items that he collects. Every 12:00 and 18:00, the Goblin Merchant will restock and sell the new items! For those who don’t wish to wait, you can just refresh it with 30 Diamonds; the Goblin Merchant will check his stock and put other items up for sales.

✥ Other than the Goblin Merchant, the Profiteer will appear too! After finishing Normal/Elite Instance, there’s a slight chance the Profiteer will enters the Black Market.

The Profiteer will carry higher level items, but he will only stay at Black Market for a certain period, so do not miss the rare chance to get higher level item!

✥ When you reach VIP 7, you are able to summon the Profiteer to stay at Black Market permanently, and never ever worry that he will disappear again!