Gameplay ⁑ World Boss

After reaching Lv40, all the players will activate the strong Mythical Beast System. Equipping the Mythical Beast Card will increase the Attributes and different type of passive skills. However if you wish to get Mythical Beast exchange material, you’ll need to pass through the World Boss challenge!


Distribution of World Boss: 2 Bosses from Event, 2 Bosses from Guild Instance.

Activate requirement: Lv40 and above.

Challenge time: 24 Hours (Each Boss will appear each day).

Challenge limit: 5 times per day, can use Coin or Diamonds to revive.

Battle type: Manually

Boss Skill: Each Boss will have their own special skill, which require the player to discover by themselves to deal the most damage in the shortest time possible.


Battle Flow

. Wait for the Boss Appearance

At the Event interface, there are “Abyss Worm” and “Storm Queen”, the 2 World Bosses. They will appear at Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday / Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday respectively. Players only can challenge them in those particular days.


The other 2 Bosses are in the Guild Instance.


. Challenge the Boss

The principle of challenging the Boss is always to deal maximum damage. During battle with the Boss, the player requires deal the maximum damage toward the Boss within the given time. The reward is according to the total accumulated damage deal on Boss. 



. Revive

Since there is limit for challenging the Boss, player is only allow to revive in the Instance in order to increase the challenge chance. Thus if player die during challenge the Boss, we recommend to choose revive to increase the battle rounds, then you’ll be able to deal more damage on the Boss.


. Inspire

There is another short cut to increasing your battle ability, which is by using the Inspire function.


By using the Inspire function, you can increase 100% Attack of the whole team; getting twice the result with half the effort.


. Instance Reward

No matter the Boss being defeat or not, the system will send reward according to the current damage toward Boss. The reward include Mythical Beast Soul, Mythical Beast Elixir, and such.