Intro ⁑ Artifact System

Different people with different cool weapon! The Artifact can surely satisfy you!

It not only has an attractive outlook. Artifact can provide you huge attributes while increasing the CP too!

Storm Edge, Light Bringer, King's Whisper, and many other outstanding Artifacts are all waiting to be controlled by you!

Artifacts will increase the attributes of all the Heroes in formation, below are the attributes:

✮ Attack Speed

✮ HP

✮ Attack

✮ Accuracy

✮ Block


Stage-Up System

Staging up can increase the star level of Artifact and the Artifact attributes.

Stage-up will cost Stage-up Pill or Diamond, with 100% success rate. After activating the 5 stars, Artifact will Stage-up automatically, and unlock the next appearance.


Handbook System

Players can check out the activated Artifact through the Handbook System at any time. Changing the outlook of Artifact will not affect the attribute stats that you currently own.